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Tithes & Offerings
For the Needs of this Church & its Ministries
Donate through Canada Helps
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World Renew
Our 2nd Offering for October 9, 2022 is in support of World Renew You can give in Person during Worship, by mail or directly to the World Renew via their Website. See more of what this World Renew does @
Give Direct
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Samaritans' Purse Disaster Relief Fund
Help Support Samaritans' Purse Disaster Relief Team for assistance to areas that are distressed due to Fire, Floods, Storms, etc. This team is currently on their way to assist in our Atlantic Provinces due to Hurricane Fiona! You can give in person during Worship or by mail or directly to Samaritans' Purse via their website
Samaritans' Purse