Maranatha History

A Little About Who We Are!



It was Sunday, October 3, 1957, the first service for Maranatha Christian Reformed Church in York. The service was held in an old school house, now converted into a church. The vision of a group of Dutch immigrants had come to fruition. God was faithful!


From worshipping in an old school house, Maranatha moved to a brand new church, completed in 1971. The congregation was growing and the old school house was just not big enough. Members were asked to give $500 per family to help pay for this new $98,000 building. What a sacrifice at that time. Again God provided!


Over the next years, there were repairs and purchases that needed to be made. Raise the Roof in 1991 / 1992, Project Restore 1 & 2 in 1994 and 1996 were a few of theses. When carpet was laid in the church, it was the Young People that raised the money. College & Careers, the Youth Group and a few donations helped to pay for Powered Point only a few years ago. Over and over again, God has shown His church that He is in control!


Now here we are today. Another expansion has just been approved! The nursery is often overflowing, Sunday School classes are doubled up and the basement is crowded during social hour after church. It's time to expand. Again we will be asked to sacrifice. Again we believe that God will be good. Again, we move Forward in Faith!